If it grows in Michigan, we buy it from Michigan farmers.  We'll also offer some seasonal favorites in the winter months sourcing crops from other regions.


Vanhoutte Farms, Armada, MI. -  A family run farm, keeps McClary Bros. well supplied with Michigan Beets & Carrots throughout the winter. We look forward to continuing to do business and purchase more crops from this fine family establishment 


Keep Growing Detroit - We're pleased to source many of our herbs from Keep Growing Detroit, including basil and thai basil.  We look forward to expanding our purchases from this fantastic organization in the years to come.  


Fusilier Family Farm, Manchester, MI - Fifth and sixth generation Fusiliers farming the land. Mike and Kathy, manage the farm with their four children and spouses. The main farm is 220 acres at the edge of the Irish Hills in Manchester, Michigan. The majority of the farm is devoted to fresh, high quality produce marketed directly through farmers markets, a Share of the Farm (CSA) program and area public schools. They also provide fresh produce to a growing number of school districts in the Jackson, Washtenaw and Lenawee counties. Many of the districts are using the relationship as a learning opportunity to educate the students about how food is grown and the benefits of eating fresh, locally grown produce. Fusilier has a long history of serving the Jackson, Ann Arbor and metro Detroit communities through the local farmers markets. 


Labrosse Farm- Corktown, Detroit, MI - An urban farm located in the Corktown neighborhood of Detroit, MI. Their strong commitment to quality embraces and takes responsibility for the entire life cycle of seed - to plant - to fruit - to preserving the harvest. At Labrosse Farm they believe introducing a quality food product must begin with fresh, natural, exceptionally tasty ingredients. That process starts with the seed and is nurtured in the soil through harvest time. They are a source of our Detroit-grown thai basil.