Detroit Fig Leaf - A Community Grown Flavor

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This micro-batch is made with 100% chemical-free, Detroit-grown fig leaves. As delicious as it is rare, Detroit Fig Leaf is the true gem of our entire collection.

Our Vinegars are hand-crafted in small- and micro-batches to showcase the fresh flavors of the season. We use old-fashioned cold preservation techniques to bring out the richest, most-complex flavor profile possible.

This "Community Grown Flavor" comes to us from fig leaves grown at Henry Ford High School in Detroit. Here is note from the program director:

In the Greenhouse Internship Program at Henry Ford High School in Detroit, the students learn more than just how to garden. They learn the job skills required for many urban farms in Detroit: correct transplanting and seed planting methods for large scale and small scale farms, tool usage and names, planting techniques, as well as specialized organic farming practices. They also practice professionalism in the experiences they gain with the people, spaces, and tools they work with.

This class teaches life skills and empowers the youth to make better healthier decisions for themselves, their families, and ultimately their community. Students learn of the many ingredients found in processed foods, what organic really means, better eating practices, nature’s natural remedies for common ailments, better product assessment skills, as well as ways individuals can act to protect nature, eliminate waste, and reduce climate change.

One of the most exciting and proud moments for all the students at Henry Ford High School is that the students and staff got to see so much growth within the projects the students built throughout these years. They harvested over 120 figs from the tree they planted in a large deep-soil bed the student’s built in 2015. This year, the students planted two fruit trees and built out a 2,100 square foot garden. These are now facilities of the school that, if maintained, will last multiple lifetimes. 

McClary Bros. bought our fig leaves from our fig tree, harvested the day-of, to make a Detroit-grown fig leaf Drinking Vinegar. The students helped harvest, bunch and weigh the leaves as well as experienced the sale exchange. They were amazed that they could sell something they usually would put in the compost.

Henry Ford High School


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Detroit Fig Leaf - 16 oz.

Ingredients: organic apple cider vinegar, organic cane sugar, Detroit-grown fig leaves.

Suggested cocktail pairings: Vodka, Gin, Whiskey.  

Community Grown Flavors: McClary Bros. is dedicated to the growers in our community, no matter the size. These flavors are sourced from small, local growers at urban farms, community gardens, school gardens, etc. For every bottle of Community Grown Flavor we make, $1 is donated to the nonprofit that grew the ingredient or a nonprofit supporting their efforts. Cheers!


Simple Shrub Cocktail Recipe

Combine in a lowball glass of ice:

1.5 oz spirit of your choice (see suggested pairings above)

1 oz McClary Bros. Drinking Vinegar

Top off with 1.5 oz sparkling water.  

Consider adding fresh, muddled strawberries!

mix. drink. repeat as necessary.


Simple Shrub Soda Recipe

Combine 1 part McClary Bros. Drinking Vinegar with 4 parts sparkling water.

Garnish with lemon is desired.  

Consider adding fresh, muddled strawberries.

mix. drink. repeat as necessary.