Shrubist's Reserve Michigan Cherry Drinking Vinegar

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This batch of Michigan Cherry was aged a loooong time.  (We're not sharing any secrets;)


There are only 250 bottles of this special batch of Shrubist's Reserve Michigan Cherry which is why it's $23 per bottle instead of the usual $18 and when they're gone, they're gone:)


This turned out *insanely* good!  It is a lusciously deep, ruby red and has a flavor to match.  It's what we around here call, "to die for":)


SIDE NOTE:  Michigan Cherry is included in The Shrubist Extraordinaire collection.  This special edition of Shrubist Reserve Michigan Cherry will be put in all the Shrubist Extraordinaire collections sold while supplies last.  IF you're buying multiple flavors check out the Shrubist Extraordinaire collection.  7 bottles total (including the aged Michigan Cherry) for $89 and FREE shipping.

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Michigan Cherry. 16 oz.

Ingredients: Raw, unpasteurized, organic apple cider vinegar with the Mother, Michigan Grown Cherries, Organic Cane Sugar.

Suggested cocktail pairings: gin, vodka, whiskey.

Simple Shrub Cocktail Recipe

Combine in a lowball glass of ice:
1.5 oz spirit of your choice (see suggested pairings)
1 oz McClary Bros. Drinking Vinegar
Top off with 4-5 oz sparkling water
mix. drink. repeat as necessary.


Simple Shrub Soda Recipe
Combine 1 part McClary Bros. Drinking Vinegar with 4 parts sparkling water.
Garnish with lemon if desired.
mix. drink. repeat as necessary.