McClary Bros. Whole Grain Mustard*

Here's another one by Jess Caswell. This one is very tasty, believe me. A pretzel's best friend!

¼ cup – Yellow Mustard Seeds
¼ cup – Brown Mustard Seeds
½ cup – McClary Bros. Apple Pie Drinking Vinegar
¼ cup – Cider Beer
2 Tbsp – Brown Sugar
1 tsp – Kosher Salt

Mix mustard seeds, vinegar and beer into a non-reactive bowl.  Cover and let set for 24 hours at room temperature.  In a food processor, process the soaked mustard seed mixture, brown sugar and salt for about 5 minutes until thick.  The mustard will be grainy. Transfer to a jar and enjoy now.  Or, let the mustard mellow for about two weeks.  Taste it then and season as necessary.  Enjoy!

*adapted from The America's Test Kitchen DIY Cookbook by Editors at America's Test Kitchen