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As Seen on ABC's Shark Tank

McClary's Vinegars are Amazing!

"I usually drink your vinegars in my seltzer water, which has resulted in my drinking a great deal more water every day. My energy levels, my blood pressure, my intestinal tract, and my bladder have all been improved. Love your vinegars!!"


Love, Love, Love this Vinegar

"My whole family loves this vinegar, which is surprising since they normally don't like vinegar. I now use this in all my recipes which call for vinegar and it has made my food taste so much better. What a great product. Totally recommend this vinegar."


Delicious Unmixed

"I take vinegar daily for health reasons, this makes it a joy not a chore. Drink 1 Tbl. straight ... easy peasy and leaves a good taste."

-S McCoid

New Found Favorite

"What an excellent find this brand was. While at a Wine, Beer and Food festival in Grand Rapids there was a booth with McClary samples next to a micro distillery I wanted to try. I did not give it a second thought until my wife said I must try. Being adventurous I tried it and was sold right there. It is great mixer and a small shot is not bad either as is. This will help expand the bar for those holiday parties. Worth a try."

-Michael H

Flavor of the Month

Apple Pie is our signature flavor and it does not disappoint. Delicious and rich in spice flavor, Apple Pie is the most versatile flavor we create. Whether you're mixing a flavorful bourbon cocktail, braising some bone-in pork chops or baking a pie, Apple Pie adds a delicious tangy spice complexity that is unparalleled.